Andrea Ferrero is a 22-year-old female guitar player and award-winning based in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for being a super talented guitar player who with her young age has created a huge impact in the music scene in her country Venezuela, and now she is making it in the United States working as a Music Consultant in Netflix and Happy Madison Productions.

Andrea started to play guitar at the age of 9 years old. She said she always had a huge interest in music, which is weird coming from a family of non-musicians. She always felt a connection with music, specifically with the electric guitar, so she started asking her parents for a guitar. They gave one to her as a Christmas gift. Immediately, she started taking classes, and a few months after, she started playing at a catholic church where she used to go every Sunday.

She generated a big passion for music which made her progress so fast. Everybody was so impressed every time they saw this 10-year-old kid playing so well.

When she was 14 years old, she started to study music more professionally. She began to attend the “Taller the Jazz” in Caracas, where she had the opportunity to learn about this other language which is “jazz”. Andrea was the youngest student there. Being at this school really expanded her knowledge and it also gave her the opportunity of getting to know a lot of high-level musicians, and this way, she would also learn from them. At the age of 15, she was already playing on these huge stages and traveling all around the country with some of the most famous artists from Venezuela.

Having high school and this musician life at the same time is something really hard to deal with, which made Andrea take the decision to change to a different high school, where they would understand her situation and this way she would have more time to dedicate to study music at the “Taller de Jazz” and being out for gigs and rehearsals. Andrea knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to music from the very beginning. She always wanted to attend one of the best music schools in the world, Berklee College of Music.

She found this dream very hard to fulfill due to the situation her country Venezuela is going through. Venezuela has been led to poverty, for this reason, she didn’t have money to study at Berklee. She never thought it was impossible though, so she wanted to try and then see what happened.

She had an online audition. She prepared very hard for this and played an original piece. 

A few months later, she received an acceptance letter and a scholarship letter saying that she had been accepted with a full-tuition scholarship. A moment she would never forget. She started her new experience at Berklee College of Music in January 2018. In Boston, Andrea has had the opportunity to play with so many amazing musicians. She recently finished her degree at Berklee College of Music with a major in Contemporary Writing and Production and a minor in Writing for Television and New Media.  

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California, and works in the film company “Happy Madison Productions” whose owner is the famous actor: Adam Sandler. She is also looking forward to living her life playing with different artists worldwide and producing and arranging for them. Andrea wants to leave her mark in the world, making a difference in the music industry and representing female musicians from all over the world.

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