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Working as a Music Personal Assistant in one the most prestige companies in the world with some of most known people from the film scoring industry is one of the best experiences that have ever happened to me. I am learning more than what I thought I would learn at the beginning. I am doing more than what I thought I would do. I am meeting so many people in the industry and working with them, like for example, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Kevin Grady, J.J George, Stuart Grusin, and many more.

Another part of my job is being a Guitar Teacher for Adam Sandler’s daughter. We have been working so hard and I can clearly see her improvement and her passion for music.
I see all the goals been reached.

Every day, I am demonstrating them that I am capable of working on this kind of environment, that I can be very efficient at work and that I am a person with a huge desire of keep learning.

Now, I feel that I have a pretty clear understanding about what it is like to work in a big company, and to work with very important people in the film scoring industry. I’m pretty sure that doing an internship before graduation has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would totally recommend it to all my fellows.

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